Why use this Wedding Photographer Organizer?

So here's the thing, I *love* love stories. They make me teary. My voice goes up an octave and I fan my face like a 16-year-old who was just retweeted by Harry Styles. So believe me when I say this, I LOVE my job as a lead wedding photographer at Abbey Grim Photography

Love stories are my full-time job. Nearly every weekend, a trusting soul invites me into their life & along for the ride on their *big* day. Then I get to go back to my office, and go through these memories and edit them so they are just right. These are my favorite parts of the job- when I get to be creative.

After I booked my first wedding back in 2009, to my dismay, I realized that running a wedding business was not just capturing big days and sharing the images. Weddings have SO MANY details to plan, sort through and keep track of. I had so many options. Spreadsheets, software, forms- but after 8 years of searching for the right thing, I decided to make it myself. And so the Wedding Client Organizer was born. 

I created blanks and spaces in the organizer SPECIFICALLY for wedding clients; something I haven't been able to find. Now when I go to consults, I pull out my book, go to the client's page, and we plan out the day together. Unlike electronic software, I can highlight, circle, add little notes or even doodle while I'm thinking something out. I've made this book my own, and I am SO excited to share it with you!